Silvia Logi | Video
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Sbocciare is a short film promoting the ‘art’ in everyone, inspired by the story of Silvia Logi. In the blossoming stage of Logi’s art, she was a thirty-five year old wife, mother of two, and recently unemployed woman. The odds were surely against Logi as her passion for mosaic work began to flourish. Sbocciare is a statement to the world that ‘the art within’ bows down to no excuse unless one lets it.
Director – Jacyln Edmonson

Sbocciare Trailer

Sbocciare Teaser

vernissage exhibition

“Crossing worlds dream”  – Arezzo

Opening of the exhibition “Crossing Worlds dream” in February 2014 Arezzo – by Marco Botti.

Firenze at UFO

Host to the second episode of “Florence at UFO”: Silvia Logi, an excellent craftsmanship of the wood of Florence.

july 2014 – the rebirth of matter. presentation at the vernissage.

Presentation of the exhibition “The Rebirth of matter” at Power Yoga Center, Via della Chiesa – Florence. By Marco Botti.

Part one:

second part of “the rebirth of matter”.

Second part of the presentation shows “The Rebirth of Matter” at Power Yoga Center, Church Street, Florence. By Marco Botti.

angels of beauty – craft gallery

During the 77th International Handicrafts, Florence 2013.
RAI Uno Mattina press report, directed by Luigi Gorini.

The feeling and the music of Mother Earth in my works.