Silvia Logi | Reflections, at what point I am
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Mi trovate presso: Officina Creativa, Vecchio Conventino. Via Giano della Bella 20/1, 50124 Firenze

Reflections, at what point I am

Reflections … at what point I am

Dear friends today I feel the need to take stock of the situation. It is true that sometimes stopping and talking aloud (writing ?) helps to place every thought in the right drawer. Doing the cleanings is so hard … the mental ones even harder but it’s important! So .. I try not to lose the thread of the speech as usual.

As you know last August I moved my studio to the Old Conventino in Florence. An undeniably beautiful place and a bit out of time, my workshop overlooks the Cloister full of light and peace. I had been thinking a long time about making this big change because the place where an artist creates is not just a physical place. It is absolutely an integral part of the art process , just like your own creativity and the beauty of the materials you shape. In addition to obvious economic considerations on the opportunity to make the leap, I thought a lot about this: if I would find the same inspiration and alchemy of atmosphere and light so important to create.

And here I am almost 6 months after the move, I look at my new place and I see the many potentials are still unexpressed. The energies of a person are limited and as often happens in the minds of artisans and artists, you create a scary gap between new ideas and artistic projects and the current possibilities to realize all that your crazy and fast mind plans.

So after all this, what did I want to tell you?

I wanted to tell you that I finally have a multifunctional place to welcome you. And welcome and talk about your ideas if you want to gift yourself or someone else my art.
It is a laboratory .. An Atelier .. A shop where you can buy directly from the artist. It is also the place where I carry out workshops to local people or tourists who want to try authentic and out of the usual circuits experiences .. but can become even different things that did not come to my mind yet but may come from the encounter of my and your ideas.

My studio address:

Silvia Logi Artworks

c/o Officina Creativa, Via Giano della Bella 20/1

50124 Firenze

cell 3476412479


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